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“Invest just 3-hours of your time, and I’ll arm you with the secret tools, technologies and success methodologies to do just that.”
– Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of way too many books to list here, including the #1 bestseller, The Attractor Factor & Attract Money Now.
Dear Friend,

As you know, several years ago I released my best-selling hit “Attract a New Car.” At the time, I wanted to reposition the Law of Attraction and provide my audience with tangible proof of what their intentions were truly capable of. How can you get a clearer confirmation of your ability to manifest than a 4000 pound automobile sitting in your driveway? Kind of undeniable – isn’t it :)

Well I’m at it again. This time, the inspiration came from you. When I recently surveyed my list and asked what you wanted to know, two themes kept recurring over and over again.

  1. How to get clear of inner beliefs, inner limitations; and
  2. How to attract more money?

The message came back loud and clear!

The recent economic downturn has left many individuals focused on money. Not to mention, being clear represents a fundamental step in the process to attracting more money.

The demand was so large and important that I dropped all of my current projects and prepared one of my most ambitious teleseminars ever!

It all culminated last March when I hosted the 3-part Trilogy “Clearing to Attract Money.” On this call I brought in powerful resources, mystery guests/subject matter experts, special technologies and methodologies to help listeners get clear to attract money and much more.

This was the first time that many of these powerful techniques had been shared with my audience.

We had participants from all over the world call-in to obtain this life-changing knowledge. It was a virtual stadium of attendees!!

Although each individual segment of Clearing to Attract Money was powerful as a standalone, the combination of all three events was beyond life changing. Let me explain.

I structured the Trilogy to follow a logical and actionable progression that is the cornerstone of my personal success and the success of my mystery guests as well.

I’m still continuing to receive praise and personal thank you notes for hosting the events and sharing such important and actionable information.

As such - I decided to share this information with you.

All of the calls were recorded and then transcribed. I put them online for your easy and immediate access. You can listen to this life changing information over and over again. In addition, I’m going to bundle in a surprise bonus gift that should significantly improve your relationship with money.


Here’s just a small sampling of the topics that were covered:
  • How your conscious and unconscious beliefs are causing you to take action or not take action.
  • How to take responsibility for your current situation.
  • How to stop making limiting statements.
  • How to create your new reality.
All of these powerful topics were covered in the first hour alone. Here’s a sample of the topics that we covered in the second audio (hour two)
  • Breaking down our limiting beliefs.
  • Looking within and asking why?
  • What does life look like on the other side of your wall?
  • How to change your current reality for the better by stating an intention.
Oh, and did I mention you’ll be taken through a “one of a kind” guided meditation. You don’t want to miss this one. I recommend that you use this meditation on a daily basis. It’s that good!!!

In the final hour we rolled-up our sleeves and offered some very practical solutions and methods to help implement the lessons taught in the first two sessions. This is the step-by-step blueprint and implementation plan. This is the Action phase or the third step in your evolution of reprogramming your life.

Here are some of the topics:
  • How to take inspired action - you never know what may come from it.
  • How to allow things “to be” and make your actions effortless
  • How to reprogram yourself....
And this is just scratching the surface. My special mystery guest will share how he was able to pull himself from literal poverty to a life of abundance and wealth. His secret formula is repeatable and transferable.

Considering all of the life-changing value that I have jam-packed in Clearing to Attract Money – I can easily charge hundreds of dollars for this product. In fact I have for many other products. If you recall, I initially launched Attract a New Car for $137 – and at the time represented a tremendous value. It has been a bestseller for years!

Well I have some fantastic news for you. I’m going to offer all three audios and the transcripts of these magical calls for only $19.95. Not to mention the surprise bonus gift that’s certainly worth more than the special $19.95 price.

I’m only doing so because I really want the lessons in the audios to be enjoyed by many. This product is that important – and judging from the response to my initial survey and the attendance on the live calls – individuals are craving this information.

Not to mention, I’m offering an 8-week money back guarantee.

Your 100% Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee:
If you’re not happy any time within 8 weeks from your purchase,
let me know and you can have your money refunded – all of it –
no questions asked.


Fill out the form to start your order!

I’ve removed all of the barriers and excuses. The rest is up to you.

It’s time to take inspired action and do something extremely
positive and impactful for yourself - right here right now.



Dr. Joe Vitale

PS - Remember, you get access to all three calls and
the transcripts to all three calls for only $19.95.
And your satisfaction is of course fully guaranteed.
The choice is yours. The time is now. Click here to Order!


Dr. Joe Vitale
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